Thursday, 27 November 2014

Can Steven Gerrard only play deep?

Footballer Direct News: Steven Gerrard

After his success last season Gerrard was moved to the top of the diamond of midfielders for Liverpool’s trip to Bulgaria. He is a fantastic player but didn’t seem able to get into the match to his full capacity. The top of the midfield diamond is a position that requires bursts of pace and constant pressure but the England star is 34 years old now and its starting to show.

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Pundits can only see him having a few more years at world-class level in a deeper midfield role but Rodgers clearly felt that he needed him closer to the front.

He wasn’t the only one who took a bit of heat from that match. Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet's mistake allowed the hosts to take the lead has attracted criticism at the same time as many have jumped to his defense.

Sterling on the other hand is seen as Liverpool’s brightest light. He can cross with both feet and slips through the opposition effortlessly. This heat map shows his movement in the game and how much aggression he showed in his positioning.

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